• Pokemon Go: Rayquaza Duos from March 2019 Event

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  • So I’m a little behind on my Pokemon Go blogging. So I’m going to make two quick posts to catch me up. Since the Attack Forme Deoxys raid solos, me and my partner in crime, Dj decided to try and duo Rayquaza with our mixed dragon and ttar teams. A lot of people have been saying on Reddit that doing the duo with dragons is much more difficult, but hey we pulled it off. Not the best time for sure, but still made the point.

    Also to try out Mamoswines, me and my friend Jordan, also known as Clockworkology went for a duo. Now I have to be honest here, I was a bit surprised we were able to pull off a duo for a few reasons.

    1.) Jordan at the time was Level 36 so his mons aren’t maxed all the way.

    2.) We were, and even at the time of this writing not even ultra friends. (I’m a pretty terrible gift giver and opener, and I forget.)

    However that raid was a complete success, and we actually got a pretty decent time. End time would have been much higher, if I had powered up a few more of my mamoswines, which are still sitting in the level 20s. Which proved our dearly beloved Rayquaza isn’t a very difficult raid to duo, even with the HP boost from earlier this year.


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