• Pokemon Go: Attack Form Deoxys Solo in Partly Cloudy Weather

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  • So after my last Deoxys Raid, I redid some of my Tyranitar Squad to optimize my solo as I mentioned in my last blog post. Unfortunately, the weather this go round was Partly Cloudy, meaning I had a weather boost effect on my Tyranitars, meaning the solo was much easier! Nonetheless, I did the solo, and decided to post the video anyway. If only because I felt I should give a quick update on how my plans to optimizing went. However looking forward to the next chance I have for a Attack Form Deoxys, I might try to do one of the many solo challenges out there for this particular raid, and see what happens.

    If you have suggestions, please feel free to comment below, or on the youtube video.

    Video recorded on 3/5/2019 at the Sprint Store in Lafayette, Louisiana.

    Check out the video I posted to my new Pokemon Go Youtube Channel: Rizlord-Pogo.

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