• Pokemon Go: Attack Form Deoxys Solo with HP Boost

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  • So this is going to be the first, of possibly many posts and videos where I post more of my personal hobbies, or personal projects I do in my free time. For those that don’t know, one of my hobbies is playing Pokemon Go. Its been a great way to get out of the house, meet new people, and do something. I’m currently at the level cap of Level 40 on my account on Team Instinct, so I’ve been working on powering up various pokemon to try solos, duos and trios as applicable of new Legendary Pokemon as they come out, in addition to battling gyms and defending for Gold Badges.

    Attack Form Deoxys was my first attempt to solo a Legendary Pokemon, and so far I’ve done it at least three times prior to the Niantic HP Boost that happened earlier this year, and twice since the HP Boost.

    I recorded the latest attempt I made this week on Attack Form Deoxys to 1) brag but more importantly 2) to look back and see how I can optimize the next time I try it. In all honesty recording the raid helped me look back and realize a critical fault I had in the team I made for the raid. I had 4 Tyranitars with Bite and Crunch, and 2 with Smack Down and Stone Edge. I’m suspecting I can beat my current time to solo Deoxys with all Bite and Crunch Tyranitars, or go with a team of 4 rather then 6, and just settle for an additional relobby. I’m probably going to try both ways to see the effects in the next two Deoxys raids I do.

    Video recorded on 2/21/2019 at Parc San Soucci in Lafayette, Louisiana.

    For more information on my current raid team composition, and raid results, check out the video I posted to my new Pokemon Go Youtube Channel: Rizlord-Pogo.

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